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Konkona Sen Sharma

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    Ich finde Konkona auch super! Der erste Film, den ich gesehen habe, war "Life in a Metro". Seitdem bin ich ein Fan von ihr und von Kay Kay Menon, wobei ich in dem Film den Irfan Kahn und sogar die Shilpa gut finde. Der Film war super. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, ist sehr gut, anders natürlich, weil es nicht so ein Mainstreammovie ist. Ansonsten habe ich Laaga Chunari Mein Daag und Aaja Nachle gesehen. Und natürlich OMKARA, wo sie auch super war. Sie und Saif waren in dem Film exzellent. Bin total gespannt auf Wake Up Sid.
    *Kads - My heart is happy. My beauty secrect? Maybe it's just happinies, being at peace with myself. Just enjoy your life & live in a moment really!* *You have to have a clean heart and a good intention behind all your actions.*

    Ava by Elfo


      Zitat von Sush Beitrag anzeigen
      Ich mag sie sehr gerne als Schauspielerin ...aber auch so ist sie sehr symphatisch...freu mich schon auf weitere Filme mit ihr
      Ja da stimme ich dir 100%ig zu !!!!


        Filme mit Konkona die ich schon gesehen habe:

        Aaja Nachle

        Laaga Chunhari Mein Daag

        Mr.& Mrs.Yer


          neues Interview

          Konkana teams up with mom for next

          After four years, you will be teaming up with your mother, Aparna Sen, in her next untitled Bengali venture
          This is my third venture with Ma after Mr and Mrs Iyer and 15 Park Avenue. Let me add that it’s a great learning experience. Working with her is more a personal than a professional decision, for the simple reason that as a director, she always reserves the best role for me. Till date, I haven’t essayed a role as meaty as the one in 15 Park Avenue. It was for Ma’s film that the National Award came my way. What makes it all the more special is that this time, I’m acting with her too. It’s a double bonanza for me.

          Tell us more about the character...
          Madhavan and I are in a live-in relationship and as a couple we have to face the recession blues. Ma plays a psychiatrist here. This is my second film with Madhavan post-Sunglass.

          Talking about Ayaan Mukherjee’s Wake Up Sid, what was it like working with Ranbir Kapoor?
          It was lovely. I play an intellectual girl from Kolkata who comes to Mumbai to become a journalist and ends up meeting Ranbir, who plays a rich brat.

          What’s next in your Bollywood kitty?
          I’m working for Vinay Shukla’s Mirch along with Raima Sen, Prem Chopra and Shreyas Talpade. I was also supposed to do a comedy, Fantastic, directed by Sanjay Chhel, but it’s not happening now.

          You were certainly happening, donning the host’s robe for the first time at the Filmfare Awards with Deepika Padukone?
          Imran and Ranbir did all the funny portions. Deepika and I had nothing much to do apart from announcing. But it was a great experience.

          What about your Tollywood graph?
          With the right script and director, I’m open to doing Tollywood films. Barring Ritu mama and Ma, no one has come up to me with a lucrative offer.

          With your serious image, are you open to doing a masala flick?
          I can’t control my image since I haven’t created it. Trust me, it doesn’t reflect my personality. I sign projects that I feel will have an audience, and which I will not regret watching later in life.

          Isn’t it a pressure to live up to the tag of being one of the finest actors of this generation?
          I don’t think I’m one of the finest actors at all. Perspectives in the industry change every year. Last year, Deepika was touted as the glamorous newcomer and now, it’s Asin. Nandita Das was called the queen of offbeat cinema, and then I came into the picture. I’m sure after me, it will be Sahana Goswami.

          You called yourself a lazy actor...
          (Laughs) It depends on the director. With Ma, we do a workshop before starting the film. But in case of other directors, I don’t do too much homework. I just try to learn the Hindi lines by rote before the day of the shoot because I tend to forget them easily.

          Wuaha, wie konnte mir DAS entgehen?! Koko und Maddy nochmal in einem Film zusammen!!! Und dann noch in einem Aparna Sen Film?! *happy dance* Wah.. ich muss mich doch gleich mal informieren gehen..


            Interview im Telegraph India über ihre Mutter, Madhavan, ihre Filmprojekte...

            ‘Mom is a better director’

            However busy she may be in Bollywood, Konkona Sensharma can always make time for her mother’s movies. Five years after 15 Park Avenue, Koko is coming back home to shoot Aparna Sen’s untitled film, where she shares screen time with her mother.

            What do you play in this film?

            The film is about a young couple in a live-in relationship. It’s about how recession affects their relationship. My character works in ad films. And then there’s a third protagonist who my character bonds with. That’s my mother (Aparna). We start shooting in September.

            There’s Madhavan instead of Rahul Bose in this film. Do you think the Rahul-Konkona pair is overdone?

            No, I don’t think the Rahul-Konkona pair is overdone. I have done only three films with Rahul so far — Mr & Mrs Iyer, 15 Park Avenue and Dil Kabaddi. I have done more films with Irrfan (Khan). So no, we are not overdone. Not yet.

            This will be your second film with Madhavan after Sunglass. How is he as a co-star?

            Good, he is very good to work with. Madhavan is a very chilled out person. I enjoyed working with him in Sunglass.

            This will also be the second film after Titli where you will act with your mom...

            It’s quite easy actually to share screen space with mom. It’s a very natural and fun process. She is very easy to work with.

            Who’s better — Aparna the actress or Aparna the director?

            I think she is equally good at both. I like her as an actress. But yes, if I have to choose one then I think she is a better director.

            Rest hier:
            Stellvertretende Schriftführerin des Aamir-und-wir-Zentralkomitees (AUWZK).

            Ich lasse den Salat weg, ich bin auf Diät.


              Hindustan-Times-Interview vom 26. Januar:

              'I think it’s vulgar to shout about your private life from the rooftop'

              It wasn’t very tough for you to break into Bollywood... was it?
              Yeah, touchwood. I didn’t want to be an actress. I was in college when I was offered two Bengali movies. Then Mr and Mrs Iyer happened. I thought I’d do a couple of films as a hobby and then get a real job.

              Ranvir Shorey is described as your fiancé the engagement official?
              (Voice drops) It doesn’t matter whether it’s all over the place. I’m not comfortable talking about it.

              Who’s the actor whom you think you look best with?
              Irrfan Khan. [...]

              It’s been seven years since you got into Bollywood. Have you changed?
              No, I still feel like I’m in college. Now I earn money and I have a CA... really boring stuff, but I haven’t changed.

              There’s been talk that you throw ‘starry’ attitude..
              Who said that? I don’t believe this. I’m well-behaved. It’s hard for me to throw tantrums because no one listens to me.
              On the rare occasion that I get angry, I get really angry and I have this habit of banging the phone. But I cool off as quickly as I flare up. [...]
              Stellvertretende Schriftführerin des Aamir-und-wir-Zentralkomitees (AUWZK).

              Ich lasse den Salat weg, ich bin auf Diät.


                Ich muss mich hier auch mal äußern, konkona ist echt spitze. hab sie in
                aaja nachle gesehen, wo sie so herrlich rotzig gespielt hat, dass ich mich fast weggeworfen hätte.
                Außerdem in Mr und Mrs. Iyer, wo sie an der Seite von Rahul Bose genial war. So leise und echt fantastisch.
                In Laaga chunari mein daag war sie ein ganz toller gegenpart zu rani und absolut glaubhaft.
                Life in a....Metro war bisher, von den Filmen die ich gesehen hab, meine Lieblingsrolle. Mit Irfhan stimmt die Chemie und sie war so herrlich natürlich und wiedermal zuckersüß.

                Ich finde es immer so süß, wenn sie tanzen muss und das ja eigentlich nicht kann nee, sie ist echt spitze und ich werd mir auf jeden fall demnächst mal noch Luck By Chance angucken...


                  neues Interview

                  like reading gossip: Konkona
                  20 May 2009, 0000 hrs IST, AAKANSHA NAVAL SHETYE, TNN

                  B-town is replete with examples of actresses who after establishing themselves as the latka-jhatka-masala-queens, try their hand at offbeat cinema in a bid to let the actor in them surface, and take charge over their glam-doll image.

                  But trust Konkona SenSharma to swim against the tide. Starting off with parallel cinema up her way to the commercial rung (read bigger banners), the actress has off-late ditched her non-glam avatar to metamorphose into a glamourous butterfly. From the sari-clad mom in Mr and Mrs Iyer to the more recent Luck By Chance and now Wake Up Sid, Konkona’s transformation is there for all to see. But mention this to the actress and she rolls her eyes in amusement.

                  I’ve really never bothered about all that. I do films for fun, not to prove any point or show off my acting abilities,” she says. “My recent films are a pick of what was offered to me. I never intentionally went hunting for either types. If a story attracts me enough, I am on, irrespective of the banner, budget or genre!” adds Konkona, quick to defend her recent choice of glam-roles.

                  Going the glam way, she may be, but Konkona’s absolutely unfazed by the pressures of looking or acting in the conventional Bollywood heroine mould. “I just don’t see the point in becoming something that I am not. And I don’t feel the pressure of adhering to any such norm simply because I don’t feel like I belong to Bollywood. I feel like an outsider with one foot always out of the door. And I really like it that way,” she says.

                  Happy with the films that she has on her platter, Konkona unlike her peers, also revels in the fact that she’s ‘not at all ambitious’. A fact that Konkona admits worries her mom, filmmaker Aparna Sen, no end, but ‘that’s just the way I am.’ “I am very boring a person. Not at all passionate, very unlike mom. I am always looking for short cuts. In fact, I didn’t even want to be an actress. I’d have rather become a journalist or do something in advertising,” she reveals.

                  Ad world’s loss is filmdom’s gain? “No, no. I think there are some very talented actresses out there doing a fabulous job.” But now that she is a part of the ‘glam-race’ are there any filmmakers or roles hot on her list. “I would never go hunting for roles. The day I have to do that, I’ll just retire! But I’ll definitely love to work again with Mira Nair and am also looking forward to doing a film with ma later this year.”

                  And does direction ever figure on her list any time soon? “Well, I have directed a 15-minute short film in Bengali, but I am not ready for that kind of responsibility yet. May be in another 20 years, who knows?”

                  Definitely, not the types to plan out an agenda, Konkona reveals that she believes in taking life as it comes. “Life rarely goes according to plans, so I never plan anything for myself, professionally or personally.” Talking about personal life, does the constant intrusion in her private life offend her. “No, it’s just a part of being an actor, na. Even I am curious about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s personal life, so I understand. As for me, I don’t like to talk about my private life and I think people do respect that.”


                    aus der heutigen Mid Day

                    Word is that Konkona Sen Sharma is all set to tie the knot with long-time boyfriend Ranvir Shorey on December 27 this year.
                    Says a source from Kolkata, "Aparna Sen is gearing up for Konkona's marriage. Last year Konkona and Ranvir had exchanged rings in a hush-hush ceremony last year. Konkona was seen sporting the engagement ring on the sets of Luck by Chance at Mehboob Studio but the couple never admitted to exchanging rings."
                    Laut letzten Gerüchten soll Konkona und ihr Langzeitfreund Ranvir am 27.12. heiraten
                    ..............................running BANDIT QUEEN.......................................
                    .............................Running is cheaper than therapie............................
                    ................................In Erinnerung an Pfeili........................................
                    **You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admired and loved you.**


                      I'm not marrying Konkona now: Ranvir

                      Und prompt kommt das Dementi:
                      "No plans of me getting married to anyone. I'm still a growing boy," Ranvir said in a text message to IANS from Mumbai.
                      Ranvir Shorey stellt klar, dass er in nächster Zeit nicht die Absicht hat, zu heiraten.
                      "What the..." -
                      "Look back. Look back at me!" -
                      Göschenen...Airolo -
                      Well, short version: not dead!
                      Ava: Elfo


                        Idol Chat mit Koko


                          Real woman rising


                          Interessanter Artikel über Konkona Sen Sharma.
                          Es geht unter anderem um die Art, wie sie ihre Rollen auswählt, und die Motivation der Regisseure eine Frau wie sie zu besetzen anstelle der bekannten Glamour Girls.
                          In diesem Zusammenhang wird auch Brigitte (Frauenzeitschrift) erwähnt:
                          Recently, the German magazine Brigitte declared that in its attempt to stamp out the size zero fetish, it would only use women with normal physical and personality traits as models from now on. The magazine's decision comes in the wake of readers complaining that they could not connect with the plastic women depicted in the photographs.
                          "What the..." -
                          "Look back. Look back at me!" -
                          Göschenen...Airolo -
                          Well, short version: not dead!
                          Ava: Elfo


                            Ein Portrait von Koko und ihrer Karriere in der Tehelka:

                            The Reluctant Diamond

                            Konkona Sen Sharma may be cast again and again as the small-town girl seeking the bright lights but in real life she has been the one pushing stardom away
                            Stellvertretende Schriftführerin des Aamir-und-wir-Zentralkomitees (AUWZK).

                            Ich lasse den Salat weg, ich bin auf Diät.


                              Neues von Twitter...

                              shooting a new film called Atithi tum kab jaoge with Ajay Devgn and Paresh Rawal.

                              Konkona dreht aktuell für Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge mit Ajay und Paresh Rawal.

                              Und Iti Mrinalini soll lt. einer Antwort von ihr hoffentlich im Sommer 2010 released werden.
                              Cupid is a lavish lad, thus to make poor females mad.

                              I'm not 40. I'm 18 with 22 years experience

                              The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try and take over the world *narf*


                                little news about iti mrinalini