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    Hrithik in Zeitungen und Zeitschriften / Interviews


    Hrithik in Zeitschriften und Zeitungen


    Bitte verlinkt eure Bilder. Schreibt einfach immer drüber aus welcher Zeitschrift der Artikel ist, am besten noch mit Monats- und Jahresangabe, dann verliert auch niemand den Überblick und ihr ermöglicht es auch den Modemusern, sich ggf. die Bilder anzusehen.

    LG Maini


      FILMFARE 2007


        Reviews aus dem alten Forum

        Hi, da es viele interviews mit ihm gibt, hab ich mir mal gedacht einen thread darüber zu öffen, hehe [25]

        Hier hab ich was über Akbar-Jodha:

        What is the latest on Akbar-Jodha?
        It still at the scripting stage. I am doing a lot of research and hope to finish the draft by January. I plan to start shooting in July.

        What about the casting?

        I present a joung Akbar who is 27, so I needed some kind of regaleness and royalty in the person to fit the bill. He schould have a poise and elegance and Hrithik fits the bill. So does Aishwarya who fulfils the criteria bye her very screen presense.

        Ich kann das ledier nicht kopieren, da ich diese quelle irgentwie nicht kopieren kann. Aber das interview findet ihr bei [25]

        Also wenn ihr noch interviews über seine Filme habt, dann immer her damit! [15] [15] [25]

        Hier gibt es ein neues Interview mit dem Geburtstagskind:


        Thermal level hits high

        Bala Chauhan

        His looks can kill and his mannerisms can leave you breathless. Hrithik Roshan is not only suave and extremely handsome, he is also very charming in the way he conducts himself. The Bollywood stunner was recently in the City to launch Hero Honda’s all women bike Pleasure. In between signing those innumerable autographs, he spoke to Metrolife about his passion for bikes and his drive, to remain true to his heart.

        Do you think women look for exclusivity?

        I guess so, at least in clothes and accessories. Wanting exclusivity is about being more outgoing. There’s perhaps a need for fighting it out in a man’s world but truly, I don’t know what women really want. If only men knew that, they would have had less problems.
        Ad Blocked

        What drives you?

        Everyday is a new challenge. Life is a series of peaks and plateaus. It is not about the finishing line but the climb, the run and the sheer thrill of going through the good and the bad.

        You choose films on?

        The dictate of my heart. I am a very instinctive person and I go by my heart. I don’t believe in rat race.

        You believe in..

        Destiny. I know I can’t fight fate. I have always valued life and cherish the now moment.

        --------------------------und jetzt auf deutsch naja [15]

        Thermische waagerecht ausgerichtete Erfolge hohes Bala Chauhan, das seine Blicke töten können und sein Manierismus kann Sie atemlos lassen. Hrithik Roshan ist nicht nur höflich und extrem stattlich, bezaubert er auch sehr in der Weise, die er sich leitet. Der Schläger Bollywood war vor kurzem in der Stadt zum Ausstoßen von Hero Honda?s alles Fraufahrradvergnügen. Für zwischen dem Unterzeichnen jener unzählbaren Autographe, sprach ihn mit Metrolife über seine Neigung Fahrräder und seins Antrieb, um zu seinem Herzen zutreffend zu bleiben. Denken Sie Frauen suchen nach Exklusivität? Ich schätze so, mindestens in der Kleidung und in den Zusatzgeräten. Exklusivität zu wünschen ist über Sein abgehender. There?s möglicherweise eine Notwendigkeit am Kämpfen sie heraus in einer man?swelt aber wirklich, i-don?t wissen, was Frauen wirklich wünschen. Wenn nur Männer den wußten, würden sie weniger Probleme gehabt haben. Anzeige blockierte, was Sie fährt? Ist eine neue Herausforderung täglich. Leben ist eine Reihe Spitzen und Hochebenen. Sie ist nicht über die Vollendenlinie aber der Aufstieg, den Durchlauf und den blossen Thrill des Durchlaufens das gute und das Schlechte. Sie wählen Filme an? Die Vorschrift meines Herzens. Ich bin eine sehr instinktive Person und ich gehe durch mein Herz. Don?t I glauben an Ratterennen. Sie glauben inch. Schicksal. Ich kenne i-can?t-Kampfschicksal. Ich habe immer das Leben bewertet und den jetzt Moment schätze.

        Hrithik and Priyanka in Krissh
        Priyanka Chopra is in a relaxed mood, after taking a “spontaneous holiday” from the shooting of Krissh. She has just made a hit jodi with Abhishek in Bliffmaster. And is all set to sizzle with Abhishek.

        How was it working with Hrithik and Abhishek? “Abhishek and Hrithik are very different but very, very good actors. But Duggu (Hrithik) is also a spontaneous actor. Both of them are very focused on their roles. I just saw the rushes of Krissh. It’s looking terrific. Krissh is a very emotional movie”

        Look look look

        I play a cool character. I play a girl who goes through a great journey… I look very different in Krissh from my other films. I try and do different looks for each film. I chew my stylists’ brains off. I think The look is important. I don’t want to look like Priyanka Chopra in every film. One of the perks of being an actor is you can be different people all the time..”

        Main hoon don

        Excited about Don? “Yes, my role in this film is something I’ve never played before. I play a tough yet vulnerable character. Again I want to give Roma in Don a different look.

        This will be shot in Malaysia. And it will be with Shah Rukh! You know, all my co-stars in 2006 except Salman will be first-timers for me… whether it’s Akshaye Khanna, Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan or Abhishek Bachchan… I’ve never worked with them before. To have such a variety of co-stars is such a blessing.”
        I’m the kind who can make bad look good, says Hrithik Roshan

        Shubha Shetty-Saha

        Hrithik Roshan is sporting a mean new look and an attitude to boot!

        With ‘Krrish’ about to release and Sussanne expected to deliver in April, After Hours caught Hrithik in an emotional mood

        With such huge expectations from you and ‘Krrish’, are you nervous?
        I never think of myself as a good actor who can pull off anything. Whatever comes is from my hard work. I don’t think I am a very talented person.

        What’s special about this film?
        We’ve made a film never before attempted in Hindi cinema. Fantasy has been a part of our culture, but we only associate fantasy with the mukut and the bow and arrow. In ‘Krrish’, we have gone beyond that.

        You’ll be a dad in a couple of months. Excited?
        I’ve no words to describe my feelings. I am yet to comprehend the miracle that’s growing. I will know once I set my eyes on the baby. I do get anxious, but I have learnt to be calmer about it.

        Are you going to be anything like your father?
        To live up to that image is a big challenge. There’s a saying that rings quite true, ‘the day you realise that your father was always right, is the time when you have a son who thinks you are wrong.’ I think that sums it all up.

        Your success is compared to Abhishek Bachchan’s. Does it affect you?
        Yes it does. I’m a firm believer in competition. I have been insecure about my past work and of all the actors that I have worked with. Believe me, most actors are, though not many admit it.

        Do you keep a tab on the box office status of other actors?
        It’s nothing calculated. Competition just adds more fuel into my run. My potential and capacity are tested. I’m more concerned with how I can be better than the competition.

        Did you have to work hard to play a bad character in ‘Dhoom 2’?
        (Laughing) I’ll say this - I’m the kind of guy who can make bad look good!

        But being too good can be boring…
        I agree with that. But can you imagine how bad I can be with this goody-goody image? I can do all the naughty things and still pretend to be this wonderful guy.

        So you are saying you have been a great actor off-screen?
        (Laughing) I might just wink to that.
        I love to live my characters 24X7’
        Hrithik Roshan on Krissh, fatherhood and method acting As a director my dad (Rakesh Roshan) paints the painting while I am just a colour on his canvas
        Princy Jain

        His career has ridden a seesaw over the past half decade, but Hrithik Roshan continues to enthrall. Bollywood’s posterboy opens up with HT City.

        Here comes the superhero “Our industry has traditionally shied away from experimenting with genres beyond romances and family sagas. But things are changing. Krissh is a challenge — a bold adventure. Sci-fi as a genre has always been deemed as Hollywood material. A hero in a cape and a mask is considered outlandish here. Krissh attempts at creating a superhero character that is Indian at heart. As a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya, Krissh tries to take forward the sci-fi genre. Importantly, it’s not a Hollywood rip-off.

        ” Krissh vs Rohit “

        Krissh in Krissh is the polar opposite of Rohit in Koi Mil Gaya. Rohit was a special person, Krissh is the guy next door — a loner who isn’t aware of his powers or how fantastic he is. His grandmother is his only window to the world. Krissh gets his name because he was born after Rohit prayed to Lord Krishna.

        ” Method in the moviestar “

        When it comes to preparing for a role, nothing comes easy to me — that’s the way I am! For me, a fresh role has to commence from level zero. In that sense, I am a method actor. The approach helps me to evolve both as a person and as an actor. I guess I am a little slow, but I enjoy taking my own time with each film and role. And after every role, I al ways feel that I could have made much more out of what I managed to derive. I have to leave my past work behind to be able to catch up with the next role wholly. And once I take up a new character, it then stays with me 24X7, irrespective of me sleep ing, eating or doing anything else.

        ” Papa knows best “

        It’s the third time I am working with my dad Rakesh Roshan, and nothing has changed. The fact is that both of us give each other a due standing in our respective spheres of work, remains. As a di rector, dad paints the entire painting while I am just a colour on his canvas. He respects my opin ions and I respect his.

        ”Role of a lifetime “

        Being a father in real life is going to be the most exciting of all the roles that I’ve ever played. To me, it’s a mysterious area I’ve never explored — there is no way that I can prepare for this particular role. Fatherhood, I guess, is something that one can learn about only by experiencing it. All of us are very excited. The baby is due in March end.

        ” Bad man rising “

        I play an out and out negative character in Dhoom 2, and that’s special. I hope to make bad look really good on-screen in this one. I have been consciously working on a new look for the film and I hope it adds the right punch to the role. For the rest, janta knows best.”

        - HindustanTimes


          Reviews aus dem alten Forum

          ‘Krrish’ in Tamil, Telugu

          By Taran Adarsh, February 8, 2006 - 22:52 IST

          The promo of Rakesh Roshan’s KRRISH is creating waves and it wouldn’t be wrong to state that the film, a sequel to KOI… MIL GAYA, should embark on a never-seen-before start when it releases in June this year. Given the craze for the film as also the fact that the Rakesh Roshan-Hrithik Roshan combo is back after a hiatus, a record breaking start is inevitable.

          But there’s more on KRRISH. It’s learnt that Roshan Sr. has decided to dub the film in Tamil and Telugu languages and release the dubbed versions simultaneously with the Hindi version. True? “Yes, there’s a strong possibility that I might dub the film in Tamil and Telugu versions,” Roshan Sr. informs me, “But I will take the final decision in a week from now.”

          There’s talk that Roshan Sr. is hoping to dub the keenly anticipated film in English too, thereby eyeing the international markets. Reportedly, he has decided to release the Hindi and English versions simultaneously in U.S.A. and U.K., to start with. “KRRISH will definitely have a wide release in Overseas, but I am not planning to dub it in English. Right now, we’re only looking at the Hindi version,” he sets the record straight.

          Meanwhile, Roshan Sr. is undecided about the release date of KRRISH, although he has decided on the month already [June 2006]. “I cannot comment on the exact date till I get the [special effects] shots from Los Angeles. Only after these portions are approved will I decide on the release date,” he clarifies.

          Courtesy: Shen

          Source: MM

          Krrish and Superman Returns will battle it out for eyeballs

          Kunal M Shah

          Even as Rakesh Roshan readies himself for the release of Rakesh Roshan's Krrish, the sequel of Koi… Mil Gaya, Hollywood is getting ready to unveil their own superhero with its latest film, Superman Returns.

          The industry buzz goes that Superman Returns will be releasing on the same day as Krrish, this summer, worldwide. Superman Returns is scheduled to release with 600 prints and in four different languages in India. Will the clash of Superman and our desi Superhero (Hrithik plays a superhero in the film and the film is said to be the Indianised version of Superman) affect each other's business? “The feedback from the rushes of Krrish is good, but yes the target audience of both films is the youth and I'm sure Rakesh Roshan would not like to have a divided audience. It's better to play safe and have a different release date,” says Vikas Mohan, editor, Super Cinema.

          Taran Adarsh, editor, Trade Guide, however feels that Superman cannot affect the collections of Krrish in any way. “The first choice between the two films will be Krrish,” he says. “Why only Superman, even if Batman and Spiderman come together, they will not be able to affect Krrish. This is Hrithik Roshan's release after a long gap. Besides, it is the sequel of a hit like Koi… Mil Gaya, so it's bound to attract curiosity. Needless to add, I'm sure our audience would prefer to see Indian superheroes over firang ones.” Trade analyst, Amod Mehra agrees. “Superman will not have any impact on Krrish,” he predicts. “Spiderman might have made a difference, but not Superman.” The new superman is played by Brandon Routh and the film is directed by Bryan Singer who has earlier made films like X2: X-Men United, X-Men, The Usual Suspects among others. The film is a Warner Bros presentation.

          “I don't think my film faces any competition from Superman Returns. I have made a film for Indians and I am sure every Indian will watch it. As for prints, it is too early to speak about it because it all depends on the distribution system,” says filmmaker Rakesh Roshan.

          Anyway Roshan is thinking about preponing the release of his film.
          I’m the villain you’ll fall in love with ( erster teil)

          Hrithik Roshan on his close brush with death, playing the mean guy and awaiting the baby.

          YOU know where I live?’’ he asks, when I stop him from giving me directions to Guman Villa, his suburban Mumbai home. Coming from any other star, that would have sounded incredulous, even fake. But it’s Hrithik Roshan. His modesty is paralleled only by Amitabh Bachchan’s, so you’ve got to believe him.
          This is Roshan’s year. With Rs 90 crore riding on Krrish and Dhoom 2—and a leaner, more chiselled look to boot—the 32-year-old is being touted as this summer’s biggest show-stopper. (It’s a coincidence that both the films are sequels.)

          Roshan does the baddie act, sporting a pout and a bandanna. Later in the year, there’s Zoya Akhtar’s experimental love story and Ashutosh Gowariker’s historical Jodha Akbar. But before the professional deadlines, Roshan will become a father in March.

          ‘‘I’m taking each day as it comes. There’s no pressure,’’ he says, as poised as you’d expect him to be.

          In the industry, they’re calling your detailed preparation for Krrish ‘Mission Krrish’.

          I don’t know if there is any other way to do it. I wish I had the kind of spontaneous talent and capacity it takes to fake it. I’m trying to develop a very honest perception of myself. Maybe I undermine my talent, but it works for me. As a person also, I’m more interested in the negatives, which I feel are the only sources of information that can make me better.

          Would you then admit that you get a little obsessive about work?

          I don’t have long-term goals and short-term plans to achieve. I take my work very seriously, but don’t take myself so seriously. I’ll do whatever I must to get it right if I’m excited by the film.

          You are very cautious.
          I’m instinctive. If there is a reason to hold on or mull over something, then it’s probably not calling out hard enough.

          How big a challenge is Krrish?

          As a student of cinema and producer of the film, I can safely say it’s 10 times a bigger challenge than Koi...Mil Gaya. It’s like an ant being compared to a mountain. If you tell a common movie-goer that you’re making a Hindi film in which the hero will run around wearing a cape and a mask, you’ll hear chuckles. The real challenge of Krrish was to make something fantastic and to make the special effects look as good as Hollywood does, with our limited budget.

          What kind of equation do you share with your dad Rakesh Roshan on the sets?

          On the sets, he is the director in every sense of the word, and I’m the actor in every sense of the word. We’ve developed the luxury of complete communication without getting our egos involved. In my opinion, that’s the best way to work.

          What sort of a superhero is Krrish?

          If you ask Krrish, he would say he’s just a regular guy. Krrish isn’t aware of his powers.

          Do you have a favourite superhero?

          (Laughs) Coincidentally, it is Krrish.

          Tell me something about the stunts in the film.

          Krrish is all about finding the vortex of energy within and allowing it to burst out, so that you can give it all you’ve got. There was no room for fear or to take calculated steps.

          Which was the riskiest stunt?

          There’s a shot that required me to jump off a 12-storey high clock tower. I was perched on a 2-ft X 2-ft rickety platform when it started to rain. I was up there for three hours.
          (2 teil)

          What was going on in your mind at that time?

          If my mind lost focus for even a second, I would have lost my balance. I wasn’t thinking anything, but I had to keep myself very aware.

          You almost had a fatal accident in Singapore...

          Yeah, an action shot required me to be harnessed 50 feet above the ground. I was dangling from a high-rise, when suddenly the wire frayed at the edges from the strain, and snapped. I was skydiving to my death until I fell on the 6-ft long canopy of a shop that was out because of a slight drizzle. The canopy had iron rods, but I escaped the rods too. God truly saved me.

          Would you take such a risk again?

          Sure, even you would do the same. It all depends on the level of passion and excitement.

          But you are not known to be vocal about your passion...

          I’m just a student who is still learning, so I can’t give discourses on acting. I prefer to keep quiet and just go about my work.

          I don’t think any other actor cries better than you on screen.

          (Laughs) I don’t really believe in acting it out. There was a stage when I could simulate the expression and tears and give you the impression that I’m emotionally charged, but after Koi...Mil Gaya I’ve realised that true acting is really about being in that world. It’s hard to do that all the time, but I try to be as honest as I can be.

          How do you get that cute little crinkle on your forehead when you cry?

          (Laughs) Let’s just say that now the crinkle is one more thing I’ll be aware of. I hope I don’t lose it.

          Are you all set to play the mean villain in Dhoom 2?

          Yup, and don’t be surprised if you end up falling in love with the villain. Dhoom 2 is turning out to be a great experience. I’m quite happy to see a similar level of involvement on the Dhoom 2 sets as on my home productions. It looks like a good prospect for a good product.

          Is there competition between you and your Dhoom 2 co-star Abhishek Bachchan?

          Actors always get pitted against each other. I was pitted against Shah Rukh Khan. Personally, I think that’s great. I’m a firm believer in competition. Without that, human beings won’t really realise their potential. Competition is the one thing that makes others push you to excel.

          With Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar, you and Aishwarya Rai are being projected as the next big pair. Comment.

          I’ve just started working with Ash. She’s looking stunning. It’s very nice working with someone who is so beautiful, talented, down-to-earth and easy to talk to. Let’s hope we can live up to the expectations.

          Like Ash, do you want to work in a Hollywood film?

          My big dream is to take our cinema to a world platform. I don’t believe in the term crossover. Every film is a potential crossover. The idea of acting in a Jackie Chan film doesn’t excite me. That’s betrayal.

          Will you be working with Kareena Kapoor in Zoya Akhtar’s debut film?

          I’m doing the film, but I’m not aware if they’ve finalised the leading lady.

          Which was the last film you wanted to be a part of?

          I love films that depict the triumph of the human spirit. Seabiscuit was the last film that truly inspired me.

          You’ve been certified as the best dancer in the industry, but who do you like?

          You know, nobody has ever asked me that. Salman Khan tops my list. That man doesn’t need any steps, he’s all style and can do anything nobody can. I also like Govinda, Shammi Kapoor, Rani Mukerji and Shahid Kapoor.

          Are you ready to become a father?

          Yep, all set for the miracle to be. Life is all about evolving, and I’m ready for the next stage.

          Have you thought of baby names?

          We’re thinking.

          How about Krrish, if it’s a boy?

          (Chuckles) That’s very filmi.


            Reviews aus dem alten Forum

            Maninee Mishra

            Maninee is a true performer, has made a name with her gigs in The Great Indian Comedy Show, know more about this truly bindas lady's like and dislikes about stars.

            The serial you would like to work in - Khichdi and Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai both rock, today! Also, I really liked the show called Alpaviram, that was great too.

            The actor you would like to work with - Pankaj Kapoor

            If you were to take part in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2 - I think over exposed humour doesn't work many times because people expect a lot, and one can fall short of their expectations. I think I am in favour of a great show like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2 that encourages fresh talent, new people with new humour. Shekar Suman and Navjoth Singh Sidhu really rock! It will be tough competition.

            Stuck on a deserted island, the actor you would like to be with is... Veer Mishra, I think he will know how to handle me on the marroned island, I will like him as my marroned-island-partner.

            Best Actor - Pankaj Kapoor. I am very partial towards him, I think he is just too good, and Irfan Khan is somebody who really performs more than being a mere actor, acting out scenes.

            Best Actress - Tabu, Supriya Pathak

            Best Director- Farhan Aktar, he has got the zing. I like his kind of movies.

            Most memorable moment since stardom - It was during the shoot of Krrish. I was worried about how I look in a shot. Just then Hrithik walked up to me, and like a thorough gentleman asked me, what diet I follow?. For a couple of seconds I thought he was kidding or making a fool out of me, but his concern was genuine, he really wanted to know how I keep myself so fit. He said I look really fit! I mean it was Hrithik Roshan complimenting me on my fitness, I immediately called my husband and told him about the appreciation I received about my fitness.

            Upcoming Projects - Krrish will be out soon. I am someone who is very secure, and I am ready to wait for a good role. I am not in a hurry. I think one needs guts to play cameos and to experiment. An actor is an actor and I am willing to trasform any role.
            Maninee De
            I wanted Ash for Hrithik: Rakesh Roshan

            Rakesh Roshan’s sequel to 'Koi Mil Gaya'- 'Krrish'- is ready. The film is the most awaited release of 2006. But Rakesh is not worried and is chilling on his faith in the film. His films have always worked at the box-office and have been appreciated by the audience. TWF correspondent Vickey Lalwani caught up with the director in his office.

            Q: What do you feel about the high expectations from Krrish?
            A: Let's hope 'Krrish' works. No maker can guarantee the success of any film. But yes, I know people are looking forward to see the combination of Rajesh Roshan, Hrithik and me. I have tried my best and put my best foot forward and people coming to see this film will get their value of money.

            Q: But was the sequel planned?
            A: Not really. There was a scope to make it, and so I did. If you observe, I had left an open end in 'Koi Mil Gaya'.

            Q: But did the success of 'Koi Mil Gaya' strengthen your belief in making the sequel?
            A: Definitely. The success of 'KMG' mattered a lot.

            Q: What is 'Krrish' all about?
            A: 'Krrish' begins where 'Koi Mil Gaya' ends. So people will see Rohit's son, and definitely not Rohit. Yes, there are a few scenes of Rohit, and there's Preity Zinta in a special appearance- but by and large, 'Krrish' is a different film. It takes you ahead of what happens to Rohit's son.

            Q: Why have you shot more than half your film in Singapore this time?
            A: It's not the question of time. The locales are chosen by the demand of the script. The film demanded a modern kind of look and so the city with buildings and beautiful landscape suited it perfectly. We found Singapore ideal for that and 60 per cent of the film has been shot there.

            Q: Did the Singapore government give the permission easily?
            I thank the Singapore government who has been very co-operative.

            Q: Priyanka Chopra was your second choice for the heroine... you wanted Ash?
            A: That's right. When I approached Aishwarya Rai, she showed keen inclination. But later, I learnt that she was committed to some international projects. So I had to hunt for someone else. I approached Priyanka and she had the dates I wanted. She too suited the role. These things do happen. There is nothing to brood about it.

            Q: And she had to lose lots of weight to look good with Hrithik?
            A: (a long pause) Not really.

            AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Taklu is lying..otherwise why such a long pause...

            Q: Was Hrithik the only choice for the main role?
            A: You may not believe this, but I screen-tested Hritik. Actually this is the procedure I follow in every film and with the star cast. I wanted to make sure that he suited the character needed for the film with make-up and costume on. If he hadn't suited, I might have taken someone else.

            Q: How much did he work on his physique?
            A: After I told him that he was on, he worked hard on his body and grew his hair to suit the film.

            Q: Is the film similar to Superman?
            A: Hrithik plays a powerful man here, something of the Rambo kind. He'll be the first super hero in Indian cinema.

            The English version of Superman is being planned for a release on the same day, or maybe a week here or there? That is immaterial to me.

            Q: Rekha play Hrithik's grandmother here. How did you convince her for the role?
            A: She played Hrithik's mother in 'Koi Mil Gaya'. She was hesitant initially to play his grandmother. So I gave her my reasons that I'm making a sequel and if she turns down the role I won't be able to make the film (pauses).

            Q: Go on...
            A: Just watch her in the granny's role, she is mind blowing!

            Q: How did you feel when Hrithik met with an accident at Singapore?
            A: Well, so much has been written in the papers. But since you insist, here it is. Hrithik fell off from mid-air. Before I could understand what was happening, I saw Hrithik falling from mid-air in a second. The canopy saved his life. I ran towards him, he gave me the thumbs-up sign, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

            Q: You have some foreign technicians on this film?
            A: Yes. There are some special effects. I went and met them. They did not understand Hindi. I sat with them and we saw 'Koi Mil Gaya' together. We took it ahead from there.

            Q: When do you plan to release the film?
            A: I will release it in June.

            I could almost die: Hrithik

            March 1, 2006

            Bollywood's blue-eyed boy is set to be back with a bang. He unveils the mystery of his much talked about film Krissh that could prove fatal for him!

            Are you daunted to play daring shots after your accident in Singapore while shooting a deadly stunt for Krissh?
            I am not at all worried about doing action scenes even after that killer incident. I agree what happened in Singapore was almost fatal, I could almost die but I think God has saved my life. If one is passionate to do such scenes and if the stunt is sure to fill you with that amount of excitement, you will always prefer to go ahead.

            In Krissh, have you performed more stunts besides the one for which you risked your life?
            Krissh is all about being fearless and daring. The film requires many stunts that were equally risky and tough. In fact, there was one scene in which I was supposed to jump off a 12-storey building and it was very dangerous. But it was a matter of chance that the wire I was dangling on, broke in that particular scene and I experienced a near death situation while swinging in air.

            How do you manage to do such stunts so well?
            While doing action scenes, I make sure I stay focused and aware of what I have to do. There were scenes where if I had lost concentration even for a second, I would have lost my life.

            What is Krissh all about?
            All I can say is that Krissh is much tougher than any other normal flick we have today. People will be astounded to see the energy of Krissh and will feel equally surprised to see the stunts that I have done.
            Hrithik extracts the good out of the bad

            He is the heartthrob of the youngsters and more so with the young girls. Hrithik Roshan knows best when it comes to wowing the audience and his dancing skills are exceptional. But his fans have been going hungry for quite a while now for want of him. Now, he is back after a hiatus. He is going to play the role of a bad guy in ‘Dhoom 2’, which was played by John Abraham in ‘Dhoom’. Here is what the actor says about his new film and much more.

            What took you so long to come back to films?

            I have been away from films for two years now and I have no choice than to be in it. Nothing exciting came my way, as I was busy with the script of ‘Krrish’. Now, I am here to break the general believe that I am too choosy by doing three films. I don’t judge all the time and I go with my instinct while choosing films. I also follow my heart. I think there is no point of doing things that we don’t love.

            You seem to be daring while selecting films. What do you say?

            One has to be daring in life and face challenges with courage. We can come to know our potentials only this way. It is better to face the danger than to avoid it.

            What kind of films do you prefer - action or drama?

            I love both action and drama films. Acting depends on the amount of concentration you put into and nothing more than that.

            So, your next action film is ‘Dhoom 2’ followed by a costume drama ‘Jodha-Akbar’.

            I play the role of young Akbar in ‘Jodha-Akbar’. It has war, horses and swords and look so real. So, there is enough of action in this film too. This is my first costume drama and I have full faith in director Ashutosh Gowariker. His narration convinced me and I know he will not make a bad actor out of me.

            Is it true that you are playing the role of an antagonist in ‘Dhoom 2’?

            Yes you are right. But I am going to make the bad look good.

            Do you think you will fit into the role?

            Certainly. I will prove my worth and do justice to my role.

            Tell us something about your co-stars in ‘Dhoom 2’ and ‘Krrish’.
            Aish has a stunning look. I have worked with her for a while. It’s great to work with Priyanka and we get along so well from the very beginning. In fact, I haven’t had better experience with any of my co-stars like I had with her.

            What is your attitude towards life?
            I have a clam attitude towards life. We learn from our experience. It’s good to doubt and there is something good in everybody. Gossips can’t break relationships and I feel pity for people who try to bring down others’ reputations. This shows their weakness and their inability to excel in life. So, it’s better to take life rather coolly.
            'Krrish' is all about being fearless and daring: Hrithik Roshan
            08th Mar 2006 09.25 IST
            By ApunKaChoice Bureau

            According to Hrithik Roshan , his upcoming film Krrish is all about being fearless and daring and the film required many stunts that were equally risky and tough.

            The sequel of Koi Mil Gaya , ‘Krrish’ is one of the biggest movies to be released this year and reportedly Hrithik is slated to play six characters.

            Media reports say that Hrithik will play an old man, a young man, a villager and even a trendy urban professional but Hrithik is very tight-lipped on this issue.

            According to Hrithik, ‘Krrish’ is all about being fearless and daring. The film requires many stunts that were equally risky and tough.”

            While shooting for such a scene Hrithik met an accident.

            Hrithik is reported to have said, “In fact, there was one scene in which I was supposed to jump off a 12-storey building and it was very dangerous. But it was a matter of chance that the wire I was dangling on, broke in that particular scene and I experienced a near death situation while swinging in air.”

            Hrithik told the media, “All I can say is that ‘Krrish’ is much tougher than any other normal flick we have today. People will be astounded to see the energy of Krrish and will feel equally surprised to see the stunts that I have done.”

            The much-waited film by Rakesh Roshan also stars Rekha , Priyanka Chopra and Preity Zinta in a special appearance.



              Reviews aus dem alten Forum

              How Bollywood celebrates Holi!

              Source: Rediff

              As Holi inches closer, the stars appear to be all geared up to splash each other with colour. Or just hide indoors. This is what some of them have to say about the festival of colour.

              Hrithik Roshan

              Generally, Holi is a grand affair for my folks and me. But I'll be shooting for a song (in Dhoom 2) in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks for reminding me of what I'm going to miss back home!

              Wie sü vermisst das Holi feiern, da er sich gerade in Rio aufhält um dort eine Song für Dhoom 2 zu drehen.
              Hmm....vielleicht sollten wir ihm ne ordentliche Mischung Farbe/Farbpulver nach Rio schicken damit er sich dort wenigstens ein klitze kleines Bischen heimisch fühlt und auch ne Runde Spaß haben kann [15] [25]
              There is a general impression that you can’t play the baddie convincingly.
              Someone told me recently that I am straightforward, nice and boring. It’s really sad that in this day and age, being nice is considered boring! Being nice is always good.

              In Dhoom 2, I might just make the bad look really good! You might just fall in love with the villain. Dhoom 2 is a ride, a thrill, and not so much about good or bad but just enjoying each thrill to its maximum. It’s not serious, authentic, real-life drama.

              Do you think you can play a negative character?

              You let me know after you see the film.

              Do you think there’s a dark side to you, which will come across in this role?

              Of course there is. Believe me, you don’t wanna find out right now! I jumped at this role because I always wanted to do a film like Dhoom 2. I wanted to do a negative role as one gets tired of being nice all the time


              Es gibt einen allgemeinen Eindruck, dass Sie den Schurken nicht überzeugend spielen können. Jemand sagte mir vor kurzem, dass ich geradlinig, nett und langweilig bin. Es ist wirklich traurig, dass in diesem Tag und Alter, nett zu sein, als langweilig betrachtet wird! Nett zu sein, ist immer gut.

              In Dhoom 2 könnte es sein, dass ich gerade den schlechten Blick wirklich gut mache! Sie könnten sich gerade in den Verbrecher verlieben. Dhoom 2 ist eine Fahrt, eine Erregung und nicht so viel herum gut oder schlecht, aber nur jede Erregung genießend zu seinem Maximum. Es ist nicht ernst, authentisch, real-Lebensdrama.

              Denken Sie, dass Sie einen negativen Charakter spielen können?

              Sie lassen mich wissen, nachdem Sie den Film sehen. Denken Sie, dass es eine Schattenseite zu Ihnen gibt, die in dieser Rolle herüberkommen? Natürlich gibt es. Glauben Sie mir, Sie wollen in diesem Augenblick nicht herausfinden! Ich ergriff diese Rolle sofort, weil ich immer einen Film wie Dhoom 2 machen wollte. Ich wollte eine negative Rolle machen, wie man müde wird, die ganze Zeit nett zu sein.
              "I was offered Sidharth's role, " Hrithik elaborates. "I wanted to do a film with Aamir, but I was alredy committed to a film with dad, that is 'Krrish', and I could not give them the required dates. I have tremendous respect for Aamir as an actor and i was looking forward to working with him. I know Aamir is very disciplined, so i did not want to let anybody down. So i hope to get this opportunity another time, God willing."
              Mir wurde Sidharths Rolle angeboten," führt Hrithik aus. "Ich wollte einen Film mit Aamir machen, aber ich war alredy, das zu einem Film entschlossen war, mit Papa, der 'Krrish' ist, und ich konnte sie die erforderlichen Termine nicht geben. Ich habe ungeheure Achtung vor Aamir als Schauspieler, und ich freute mich darauf, mit ihm zu arbeiten. Ich weiß, dass Aamir sehr diszipliniert ist, so dass ich niemanden enttäuschen wollte. So dass i Hoffnung, diese Gelegenheit eine andere Zeit zu bekommen, Gott willing. ".
              "I am fully accessible just before my film is up for viewing, Even fans and random peoples end up with my mobile number. I take all calls and carefully listen to all suggestions and even try and put them to use where they are valid. That is the real criticism comes before the release. At least, there is time to make amends. Then i change my number once the film is out and go back to my privacy." -Hrithik
              Ich bin vollständig zugänglich, direkt bevor mein Film auf für Besichtigung ist, sogar Fans und zufällige Leute enden mit meiner mobilen Nummer. Ich nehme alle Anrufe an und allen Vorschlägen höre zu und versuche und platziere sie sogar sorgfältig zu verwenden, wo sie gültig sind. Das ist die wirkliche Kritik kommt vor die Freigabe. Mindestens gibt es Zeit, wieder gutzumachen. Dann ich ändert meine Nummer, sobald der Film aus ist, und geht zu meinem privacy. zurück "-Hrithik.
              I hope to please my fans with 'Krrish'. I hope my performance in the film will silence my detractors and critics and specially that it will live up to the high standards that 'Stardust' demands!" Hrithik retorts, toung-in-cheek.
              Ich hoffe, meine Fans mit 'Krrish' zufrieden zu stellen. Ich hoffe, dass meine Leistung im Film meine Verleumder und Kritiker zum Schweigen bringt, und speziell dass sie bis zu den hohen Standards entspricht, dass 'Stardust' fordert, ! "Hrithik Antworten, toung in Wange.
              It is at this point that one realises that Hrithik has chosen not to want to be in the league of sexy men anymore. He has travelled the great distance from being boy to man. Maybe he has left the 'Hey, good looking!' tagline far behind, and has long since entered the exclusive league of intense actors who would be known more for the cerebral potency than merely the adrenalin rush.
              Es ist an dieser Stelle, dass man merkt, dass Hrithik nicht mehr im Bund sexy Männern sein wollen wollen hat. Er hat den großen Abstand davon bereist, Junge zu sein, der zu bemannen ist. Vielleicht er ist gegangen das ' Hey, gut aussehend!' tagline weites Hinterteil, und hat lang seitdem mit dem exklusiven Bund mit ernsthaften Schauspielern begonnen, die bekannt mehr für die zerebrale Stärke wären, als lediglich, die erste Adrenalinkopie.
              Action overload

              Hrithik Roshan reveals how he takes it to the next super level

              Kaho Naa, Krrish, Dhoom 2 – you always give it your best.
              I haven’t given it thought. If something needs to be done, it needs to be done to its best or it’s of no consequence. My love for this career and movies is so great, it pushes me at every level.

              The impression is that you are laidback.
              I might be a little laidback where the media is concerned, but it’s out of my own inadequacies as a person. I can’t devote time to three or four things at the same time. What makes me happy is to pick one thing, do it right and move on.

              What made you take up Zoya’s film where you’re working with Kareena Kapoor again?
              I enjoyed the script. It’s out of this world and blew my mind. It’s a love story. I’m instinctive about films.

              When you refused Rang De Basanti, the buzz was that you didn’t think it was meaty…
              No. It depends on how excited you are. Right after Kaho Naa, I did a Fiza because I was excited about playing that character. The length of a role doesn’t matter. I don’t have any qualms working in multi-starrers, art films or small budget films. I don’t like calling them art films — they are all a part of cinema.

              Do you regret it when films you turned down become super hits?

              No, because maybe if I had gone against my instincts, the film wouldn’t have turned out a success. I think of myself as someone who gave them a push in the right direction. You have to believe in a film.

              How has Krrish shaped out?
              The promo has had a fantastic response. The action is tremendous, it’s absolutely a visual experience. But success requires much more — if the story and emotions go right, only then will it actually work.

              Which was more difficult — the mentally challenged role of Koi Mil Gaya or the super-powered Krrish?
              Krrish. Rohit’s endearing qualities were a part of the script. He was a have not, so your heart was supposed to go out to him. Krrish is fantastic from the word go. He thrills, excites and is full of fun.

              How did you train for Krrish?
              I was in Hong Kong for 25 days where I was trained by experts in the form wushu — a form of martial arts which includes sword fighting, stick fighting and postures you have to isometrically maintain to strengthen your muscles. There was also a lot of wirework, so I trained in how to simulate real jumps when I was in Shanghai for a week. Action director Tony Ching supervised the whole thing.

              Did you have reservations about working with Priyanka Chopra?
              Never. My apprehension was that there wasn’t enough time to get to know the cast or crew when we jumped into a 60-day schedule. With Priyanka, we got along very well. That’s important for me; it translates into better work. She’s one of the co-stars I’ve been most comfortable with. She’s extremely talented and looks at the film selflessly. There’s more concern about the big picture than how her close-up is.
              Auszüge aus einem Interview mit ihm und seiner Frau Suzanne, daß v o r der Geburt ihres Sohnes entstanden ist:
              Ein Interview mit Hrithik nach der Geburt seines Sohnes:

              “When paradise comes to you,” Hrithik Roshan!

              "I felt like I was packed for a dream vacation that I would never be able to return from, like I would become someone else and forget who I was. But when it happens, you realize you don't have to leave at all - paradise come to you," Hrithik Roshan!
              A man, on the verge of becoming a proud papa seeing the birth of his child described the moment as he felt.
              "It's very hard to express what you go through because the moment is far greater than what words can convey." As you know, just seven days back on March 28th Hrithik Roshan's wife Suzanne has given birth to a baby boy, and to be a very lucky one Hrithik was present during the delivery. Hrithik described the moment a "very comfortable and happy". "We were cracking up and laughing throughout. Credit goes to our doctor, Kiran Coelho, who was wonderful," says Hrithik.
              The newborn Roshan has been named Rayhan, however Grandpa Rakesh Roshan insists for spelling it as Hrehan. The solution, however, has not come yet.
              "Ich fühlte mich, wie ich einen Traumurlaub gepackt war, den ich nie in der Lage wäre, zurückzugeben, wie ich jemand anderes werden und vergessen würde, wer ich war. Aber, wenn es geschieht, merken Sie, dass Sie überhaupt nicht gehen müssen - Paradies kommen zu Ihnen, " Hrithik Roshan! Ein Mann, an dem Rand, ein stolzes Papasehen zu werden, als das die Geburt seines Kindes den Moment beschrieb, den er fühlte. "Es ist sehr schwer, auszudrücken, wodurch Sie gehen, weil der Moment weites Größer als ist, welche Wörter können übermitteln." Wie Sie wissen, nur sieben Tage zurück am 28. März hat Hrithik Roshans Frau Suzanne einem Babyjungen Geburt gegeben und, um eine sehr glückliche zu sein, war Hrithik anwesend während der Lieferung. Hrithik beschrieb den Moment ein "sehr komfortabel und glücklich". "Wir rissen auf und lachten überall. Kredit geht zu unserem Doktor, Kiran Coelho, die wunderbar waren, "sagt Hrithik. Das neugeborene Roshan ist Rayhan genannt worden, jedoch Opa Rakesh Roshan besteht dafür, dass er es als Hrehan buchstabiert. Die Lösung ist jedoch noch nicht gekommen.



                Reviews aus dem alten Forum

                Bipasha blames it on Rio

                Source: Mid Day

                By: Upala KBR
                April 4, 2006

                Bipasha Basu has just returned from a trip to Brazil, where she shot for Dhoom 2 with Hrithik Roshan, Uday Chopra and Aishwarya Rai.

                On her return, Bips, down with a throat infection, went straight to the shoot of Vishal Bharadwaj’s interpretation of Othello, being shot in Mahabaleshwar.

                Throat bug

                Did she catch the bug from a Brazilian beach? “The atmosphere in Brazil is such that those with low immune systems catch a virus that causes throat infections. Ash developed laryngitis and I got a milder version of it. I am very susceptible to throat infections and have major pharyngeal problems almost every two or three months. I got the throat infection on the last day of shooting, while Ash had it before that.”

                Is she on medication? “I have been given Viporal and some other medicines. The first few days were quite bad as I could hardly talk and coughed constantly, but I am getting better now.”

                Local flavour

                How was Brazil? “It was great fun,” she says. “This was the first Hindi film to be shot there and Brazil is a fun place. Uday has stayed back for a holiday. We all had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I looked like a local there and blended in with the Brazilians. In fact, one day, I was sitting in a front of a shop in Rio, and someone, thinking I was a local, started asking me the price of stuff! It’s just that I couldn’t speak the local language, Portuguese.”

                Bipasha can’t wait to tuck into spicy Indian fare. “Brazilian food was delicious, mostly consisting of bland meat and cheese. My mom is in town and she’s cooking up some delicious fish dishes for me,” she says, gleefully.
                “I couldn't envision an established character playing the role of a boy with special powers who has no hair on his body! Including eyebrows!” - Subi Samuel
                By IndiaFM News Bureau, April 11, 2006 - 05:09 IST

                When it comes to photography, Subi Samuel needs no introduction. His work speaks volumes. From photography, Subi is now set to start his filmography as a producer with his debut venture, Alag. While every filmmaker in Bollywood keeps claiming that his film is Alag (different), Subi has gone ahead to the extent of titling his film Alag.

                A film with 50 minutes of special effects (yet without an inflating budget) that talks about a superhuman who doesn't have a single strand of hair throughout his body, Alag does seem to live up to its title.

                IndiaFM presents an exclusive conversation with the man who had the power to convince the male lead of his film to shave his eyebrows and also get in stars like Shahrukh, Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka, Preity, Bipasha and many others for a music video for his film.

                You have won a lot of accolades for your photography. In terms of photography in Bollywood, which is your favorite work?
                Like you said, I have been in the business for a very long time. So it's not easy to pin point one particular picture. Off hand, I can think of 10-15 photographs which are my favorites. I had shot one of my earlier works with Sushmita, where she is biting a chain. That is undoubtedly one of my favorites. Then there is a picture of Aftab, where he is a dwarf. It's a classic. I shot with Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan together. The sheer magnitude of having them together makes that my favorite. They are just monkeying around in the photograph. It's not your typical portfolio pictures. There is one picture of Hrithik in which he is holding a photo frame of his face. You can't actually see his face. So there are various pictures. It is work that I am proud of.

                Stars like Sushmita Sen swear by you. You must be feeling great!
                On the contrary, it is a very humbling feeling. You have to live up to the reputation that you have built. More than the stars, what is humbling is when people come and tell me that they have been following my work. People tell me that for 5-6 years, they have been observing what I do. I used to follow works of great photographers, when I was studying. In fact I still follow the works of Rakesh Shrestha, Gautam Rajyadaksha and greats from the international market. I think I have a certain responsibility to my work. I can't just dole out jazz and expect people to follow my work.

                Your contemporaries are launching calendars left, right and centre. Do you also have an annual calendar?
                No I don't do that. I guess I have just not been motivated enough. I used to do exhibitions which I haven't done this year. That's because I have a bigger exhibition in the form of my film now! The last two years, I did an annual exhibition. For me, that was a high. It was a great moment.

                From photography to film production, how did the shift happen?
                It's not a complete shift. I'm still doing photography and intend to do it for as long as I can. I was just having a casual, friendly meeting with a friend who mentioned the script to me. The more I heard, the more I got involved. I started having discussions about the character. What was supposed to be a casual meeting turned out to be something that changed the course of my life. And now, here I am producing a film!

                How did you zero in on Akshay Kapoor and Dia as the star cast?
                Alag is an amalgamation of a lot of friends who believed in a project. There are at least 4-5 people in the cast and crew who haven't charged me a single penny. So it was sheer conviction and belief. Akshay Kapoor was chosen purely because of his talent. He was chosen from a lot of established people. We wanted someone who has the potential, talent and discipline that was required for this role. Also, we didn't want the actor to have a set image. I could not envision an established character playing the role of a boy with special powers who has no hair on his body! Including eyebrows!

                There are at least 4-5 people in the cast and crew who haven't charged me a single penny.
                Tell us something about that!
                The character had to be someone who does not have any hair on his body. We wanted someone who would do that. Also, he could not go out and party in case the press got some photographs, in the initial stages of the film. Akshay was willing to do all of that. He was disciplined and committed. He got involved and brought a lot of improvisations in the character. He has a lot of potential. Not for a moment would I regret the fact that he is in the film.
                Hrithik Roshan readies
                for the next act

                Hrithik Roshan at the Krrish counter.
                Interviewed by Indranil Roy

                Has fatherhood changed you?
                I didn’t have any pre-conceived notions about fatherhood – but I can tell you, it’s a different feeling when you see your child. One feels genetically connected. My son has really brought a lot of peace into our family.

                Does your son keep you awake at nights?
                That’s a myth. I had been warned by close buddies that I wouldn’t be able to sleep for the first two months after my baby is born. There’s nothing like that. Susanne is so particular about Hrehaan’s schedules that there has been no stress of staying awake at nights. In fact, ever since I’ve had my baby, I have been sleeping like a baby myself.

                Do you ever meet your childhood friends like Abhisekh Bachchan and Uday Chopra?
                If we’re in Mumbai, we meet up once in a week at least. At times it becomes impossible to connect even for months. But my friendship with Abhisekh and Uday is so deep, we can start where we had left off.

                What advice do you have for your friend Kunal Kapoor who considers you to be his godfather?
                (Laughs) I don’t think he considers me to be his godfather. That’s too funny. He is a close friend and my unbiased opinion is, he is going to be a huge star. Contrary to your question, I have learnt a lot from him. But yes, when I made my debut I did set an example on how to make a mark with your first film. So, that has become a yardstick which all newcomers including Kunal cannot escape being compared to.

                Every time a film of yours is up for release, there seems to be an anti- campaign.
                If you insist there’s a campaign, I don’t believe it at all. I’ve always believed that the truth will eventually come out. Silly controversies cannot change the fate of any film. I’m not affected because I’ve lived long enough in this business to realise that only the final quality of the film matters.

                Would you say Krrish is your make or break film?
                Certainly not. In my body of work, Krrish is a landmark film. But no film can make or break me as an actor. I’m much above all that.

                In an earlier interview you’d talked about different people who reside within you. Will you ever get to play a variety of people?
                Everyone has different aspects to their nature. I’m an actor, I would be more than happy to exploit the characters which reside within me. Doing challenging roles is the only way you evolve as an actor.

                Do you use others’ personality traits in your performances?
                Observation is a great tool for any actor but I don’t consciously observe others. More importantly, I try to focus within myself instead of getting influenced by ‘outside-in.’

                Do you lose yourself in a character you’re portraying?
                Every character is a extension of yourself but there’s hardly a moment where you lose yourself. Maybe the thinking and the mannerisms of a particular character gets prominence. For example, when I’m completely engrossed in a character, I think like him, about how he will react to a particular incident. But I never lose myself in a role.

                Do you try to surprise the audience?
                The intention is never to surprise the audience. I just try to do my best as an actor. If I’ve done an emotional scene or a scene that moves the audience, it’s because I want to excel as an actor. The effort has nothing to do with surprising and shocking audiences.

                Heroes often have to repeat certain mannerisms expected by the audience.
                I’ve never tried to capitalise on what has clicked in my previous films. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done Koi Mil Gaya which was completely different from any role that any actor had done before. My past performances have never been a motivating factor

                Would you like to portray any real life character?
                Honestly no. I’m doing Ashutosh Gowarikers’s Akbar Jodha, which is extremely inspiring. Apart from that, nothing comes to my mind. But if I read a historical document and feel it could be developed into a film, I’d go for it.

                und jetzt auf deutsch [15]

                Hat Vaterschaft Sie verändert?

                Ich hatte keine Ideen irgend über Vaterschaft vor-entwickelt., aber ich kann Ihnen sagen, es ist ein anderes Gefühl, wenn Sie Ihr Kind sehen. Man fühlt sich genetisch verbunden. Mein Sohn hat wirklich viel Frieden in unsere Familie gebracht.

                Macht Sie Ihrem Sohnesunterhalt bei Nächten wach?

                Das ist ein Mythos. Ich war von nahen Kumpeln gewarnt worden, dass ich nicht fähig wäre, für die ersten zwei Monate zu schlafen, nachdem mein Baby geboren wurde. Es gibt nichts wie es. Susanne nimmt es mit des Hrehaan's so genau
                Zeitplane, die es keine Belastung gegeben haben, wach bei Nächten zu bleiben. In der Tat, seit ich mein Baby gehabt habe, habe ich mich wie ein Baby geschlafen.

                Treffen Sie sich je, Ihre Kindheitsfreunde mögen Abhisekh Bachchan und Uday Chopra?

                Wenn wir in Mumbai sind, treffen wir uns einmal in einer Woche wenigstens aufwärts. Zu Zeiten wird es unmöglich, sich sogar für Monate in Verbindung zu setzen. Aber meine Freundschaft mit Abhisekh und Uday ist so tief, wir können beginnen, wo wir aufgehört hatten.

                Welchen Rat haben Sie für Ihren Helfer Kunal Kapoor, der Sie betrachtet, sein Patenonkel zu sein?

                (Lachen, glaube ich nicht, dass er mich betrachtet, sein Patenonkel zu sein. Das ist zu lustig. Er ist ein enger Freund, und meine unbefangene Meinung ist, er wird ein riesiger Stern sein. Entgegen Ihrer Frage habe ich gelernt
                eine Menge von ihm. Aber ja, als ich mein Debüt machte, gab, wie ein Fleck mit Ihrem ersten Film zu machen ist, ich ein Beispiel. Deshalb ist das ein Maßstab geworden, der alle Newcomer einschließlich des Kunal nicht entkommen können, weil mit ihnen verglichen wird.

                Jedes Mal wenn ein Film von Ihnen bereit zu Freilassung ist, dort scheint zu sein, ein Anti, Kampagne.

                Wenn Sie darauf bestehen, gibt es eine Kampagne, glaube ich es überhaupt nicht. Ich habe immer geglaubt, dass die Wahrheit schließlich herauskommen wird. Alberne Kontroversen können das Schicksal von irgendeinem Film nicht verändern. Ich werde nicht beeinflußt
                weil ich lang genug in diesem Unternehmen gewohnt habe zu erkennen, daß nur die letzte Qualität der Filmsachen.

                Würden Sie sagen, dass Krrish ist Ihre Marke oder Ihr Bruchfilm?

                Bestimmt nicht. In meinem Körper der Arbeit ist Krrish ein Orientierungspunktfilm. Aber kein Film kann machen oder mich als ein Schauspieler brechen. Ich bin sehr über allem der.

                In einem früheren Interview hatten Sie über andere Leute geredet, die innerhalb Ihnen residieren. Werden Sie je bekommen, eine Vielfalt der Leute zu spielen?

                Jeder hat andere Aspekte zu ihrer Natur. Ich bin Schauspieler, ich wäre mehr als froh, die Charaktere auszubeuten, die innerhalb mir residieren. Herausfordernde Rollen zu machen, ist der einzige Weg, den Sie als ein Schauspieler entwickeln

                Benutzen Sie anderen' Persönlichkeitsmerkmale in Ihren Aufführungen?

                Beobachtung ist ein großes Werkzeug für irgendeinen Schauspieler, aber ich beobachte andere nicht bewusst. Wichtig bemühe ich mich, sich innerhalb mir statt es zu konzentrieren, beeinflusst durch 'Außen-in es.'

                Verlieren Sie sich in einem Charakter, den Sie darstellen?

                Die Absicht ist, nie das Publikum zu überraschen. Ich bemühe mich nur, mein bestes als ein Schauspieler zu machen. Wenn ich eine emotionale Szene oder eine Szene gemacht habe, die das Publikum bewegt, ist es, weil ich mich als ein Schauspieler auszeichnen will. Das
                Anstrengung hat nichts, das Überraschen und das Schockieren von Publikum zu gebrauchen.

                Helden müssen oft bestimmte vom Publikum erwartete Manierismen wiederholen.

                Ich habe mich bemüht, nie von dem zu profitieren, was in meine vorherigen Filme geklickt hat. Ansonsten hätte ich Koi Mil Gaya nicht gemacht, der vollkommen anders als irgendeine Rolle, die jeder Schauspieler zuvor gemacht hatte, war. Mein vergangene Aufführungen sind nie ein motivierender Faktor gewesen

                Würden Sie gern irgendeinen wirklichen Lebenscharakter darstellen?

                Ehrlich Nr. Ich mache Ashutosh Gowarikers's Akbar Jodha, der sehr inspiriert. Außer es kommt nichts in meinen Sinn. Aber wenn ich ein historisches Dokument las und mich fühle, daß es zu einem Film entwickelt werden konnte, ginge ich dafür.


                  Reviews aus dem alten Forum

                  HRITHIK ROSHAN - INTERVIEW

                  I will make bad look good - Hrithik Roshan

                  Hrithik is turning suave bad guy in Dhoom 2 and really wants to take the role that was played by John Abrahm in Dhoom (part 1) to another level.

                  You've been out of sight for a long time.

                  Yes, almost two years. I had no choice. I got involved with the scripting of Krrish, so nothing else seemed to excite me at that point of time. But now I’m doing three films. That’s the most I’ve done in a long time. It should put an end to my reputation of being excessively choosy. I don’t sit on judgement over the entire industry’s scripts. Please! I choose instinctively. I react with my heart. There’s no point in doing something you aren’t excited about because it finally shows in your work.

                  You always seem daring in your selections?

                  That’s the thing about life. It’s always about facing bigger challenges and choosing the highest summit to climb. How else would you find the threshold of your potential? Might as well choose the riskiest proposition and face your fears.

                  Is action as satisfying as drama?

                  Every form of acting depends on your level of concentration. I enjoy both action and drama.

                  Will Dhoom 2 be the next action film followed by a costume drama Jodha-Akbar?

                  Are you presuming that Jodha-Akbar will have no action? It will have war, horses and swords. I play a very young Akbar. It’s very real, not theatrical at all. We start in August. It’s my first costume drama. But I’ve immense faith in Ashutosh Gowariker’s abilities. His intelligent perspective during his narrative convinced me he can never make an actor look bad.

                  Hrithik, with father Rakesh Roshan
                  You play the antagonist in Dhoom 2?
                  I’m gonna make the bad look really good.

                  But playing bad can't come naturally to you.
                  Oh, that’s what you think!

                  You're boring and straight-forward.

                  Is being nice boring? I disagree. It’s the best way to be. Every experience, good or bad, teaches you something. So why sneer at anything? I accept every situation. I’ve a calm attitude to life. I always give the other person the benefit of the doubt. No one is basically bad. Gossip can’t make or break convictions. I feel sorry for those who demolish reputations. They don’t know better. They obviously don’t have talent or power to do anything better.

                  You have two new co-stars in Dhoom 2 and Krissh?

                  I’ve worked with Aish briefly. I must say she’s looking stunning. As for Priyanka I haven’t had a better experience working with any co-star. We didn’t need time to hit it off. It happened from the word ‘go’.

                  übersetzung kommt [15]
                  I’m not a nice guy, says Hrithik

                  Excerpts of an interview with Hrithik Roshan in candid mode with Naomi Datta in a TIMES NOW exclusive…

                  It’s been two years since your last release — does that increase the pressure of expectations?
                  I don’t think such time gaps matter. The point is to do good work, and when the work is good, the product is good too. Hence, these gaps will easily be forgotten.

                  When you put so much of yourself in a film — martial arts, death-defying stunts, change of look — is bone-crunching commercial success the ‘end all’?
                  Well, commercial success is the ultimate

                  acknowledgement of your work. After all, that is what we all strive for. In fact, that is the only way to measure success.
                  Is it very important to you that your film be a big hit?

                  When a movie fails at the box office, after the initial disappointment, do you analyse the reasons of its fate, or do you know instinctively that it will not work?
                  With me, invariably, before a film’s release, I have always had a good idea of how the film is going to fare at the box office. Till date I’ve not been wrong in my judgments. So before the release, I prepare myself, hence there’s no question of going through a major disappointment. When a film fails and you realise it was because you didn’t follow your conviction, it makes you a stronger person.

                  Any particular example?
                  Lots of them, but I wouldn’t want to mention them!

                  You’re always expected to be the ‘good guy’, but that’s going to change with Dhoom 2. Is it nice to be nasty?
                  That I’m a nice guy – that’s the biggest misconception about me!

                  The first part of the interview on Friday August 25 at 8 pm will see Hrithik getting nostalgic about his experience in bollywood:

                  Komal asked him whether he's flying high in the air after the success of Krrish? to which Hrithik replied "no I'm firmly rooted to the ground "

                  He also adds that "as a child I was always fascinated by Superman, and today it feels absolutely wonderful to be called Indias first super hero! "

                  The charming actor says his films with his dad have always done well cos they have absolutely no ego hassles between them. They discuss every minute detail of every scene they shoot.

                  He says "my dad has always taught me by example. Never has he said this is right or this is wrong"

                  Though he has received offers from Hollywood, he thinks in a small way he will be cheating the Indian film industry if he took those up. He wants to take the Indian cinema to the international level and not by working in a Hollywood flick, still if something outstanding is offered to him and its suits him he will take it up.

                  When asked Overseas he is not as hot as Shahrukh? Salman why? He says "maybe cause he has done more action oriented films and the people there hold Indian values close to their heart and Shahrukh has done many films catering to t hose needs".

                  When asked if he will hike his price after Krrish? He says "Yes why not?" In Dhoom 2 he has done all the stunts himself and has also learnt many sports for the film.

                  The second part of this interview will air on Monday, 28th Aug at 8 pm on Bollywood Tonight on Zee Muzic.

                  He says "I have learnt a lot from Shah Rukh. I remember Shahrukh telling me after my first film that the most important thing that one needs to learn is time management and especially now that I have become a father I understand the true meaning of those words."

                  Daddy Duggu!

                  Source: TNN

                  Courtesy: Sonal, TB

                  Actor Hrithik Roshan talks about what it feels like to be turning papa.

                  You recently turned 32 and are about to become a young father soon... How do you feel?

                  l I don't know about being a young father, since my dad was 21 when my sister Sunaina was born. I do know that my parents will be young grandparents.

                  The fact that I am going to be a father in the first week of April hits me from time to time. I don't think it is possible for anyone to fathom or calculate what it's going to be like.

                  I can only look upon with mystery and awe upon this miracle to be. It is amazing to see life growing in front of your eyes from one stage to another.

                  What do you feel when you look at Sussanne now?

                  When I look at Sussanne now, the words I connect with her are smiles, happiness, paradise and perfect. These are all the things I look forward to on my way back home.

                  Your father's name is Guddu and that's how you became Duggu. What will you name your child if it's a boy?

                  I am secretly wanting a girl! And though Sussanne hasn't said it in so many words I think she wants a boy. A lot of thought is going into the names but we haven't decided anything yet.

                  Which of your films will you show your kid first?

                  Koi Mil Gaya. It's a very colourful and visually appealing film and kids connected to the plot immensely. And I wasn't too bad in the film either!

                  What are Sussanne and you planning to do on Valentine's Day?

                  l I'm shooting all night and sleeping all day! I am sure I'm going to receive lots of cards and flowers from my wife. I have to start planning what I will do for her now. Every year, she surprises me and takes such efforts to do so and I always look like I've not done enough!

                  er schpricht über sein sohn und die role als fater


                    Filmfare Powerlist 2007 Platz: 3 Hrithik

                    scans by Anksuni
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                    "Sanju - my strength in dark hours, my survival guide, my love." ~
                    "Each day is one day closer to freedom."

                    Antaheen (8/10) - Son of Sardar (8/10) - Kahaani (8/10) - Eega (8/10) - Ek Tha Tiger (8/10)



                      Hrithik: My item number is better than SRK and Rakhi Sawant's

                      After playing Akbar brilliantly in Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodhaa Akbar, Hrithik Roshan is all set for his item number in Krazzy 4.

                      The actor, who says that his number is better than Shah Rukh Khan and Rakhi Sawant's, talks to Girish Rao about life after Jodhaa Akbar, his latest ad, and his upcoming film, Kites.

                      You must have received a lot of compliments for your work in Jodhaa Akbar. Which one was the best?

                      I have been receiving compliments for the film since the day it released. I am just overwhelmed. Things have never been so good. The compliments have always been in the superlatives. I am trying to assess if they are real or not.

                      Saira (Banu) aunty called me up one day and informed me that Dilip (Kumar) uncle wanted to give me a for my role. He was very impressed and there can't be a compliment bigger than this.

                      I don't think that the feedback for any of my films has lasted so long. None of my releases till date has given me so much of success, love and respect than Jodhaa Akbar. This is my best phase; such a good thing has not happened before.

                      I thank all my fans and Ashutosh (Gowariker) for believing in me for this role. But there were a lot of protests regarding the film.

                      Well, of course, that was very frustrating. You have to accept the fact that there are some minds, which look to grab opportunities. What happened was ridiculous. There was no any consensus on the objections, and there was no need to retaliate. Thankfully, everything faded later on and now the film is on its path of success again

                      You will step in the shoes of Imran Khan and Vinod Khanna for the Cinthol ad.

                      When I was a kid, I would watch all my heroes riding on horseback and then Cinthol. So I was very excited when I got the offer from Cinthol, to endorse them. I always wanted to be that guy deep within -- the one who rode on horseback.

                      You've done the stunts yourself here.

                      If I were to compare the stunts I did for this ad with those in Krrish, I think Krrish was less. The stuff I have done for this ad is far more than what I have done in the past. I have done kayaking, free-running, mountain cycling, jumping from a cliff, diving...

                      I shot bare-chested for a few sequences, which was embarrassing. There are times when you don't want to show off your bare body.

                      Do you get scared when you do stunts yourself?

                      It's not like that. You have full faith in the people you work with, so all the safety is taken care of.

                      But as far as action scenes are concerned, you just can't resist them. I don't think there is any other moment in life when you feel more alive. You know that you are standing on the edge and you have to take that leap.

                      Do you really use the brands you endorse?

                      You have to believe me when I say yes. I have been too fond of designer stuff but yes, the brands I endorse are always there on my shelf.

                      It seems that these days, one can't sell a product if it hasn't been endorsed by the Khans or Hrithik Roshan.

                      No, I don't think you can generalise like that. If a product is good, it is bound to sell, no matter what. If the face value of stars help, then why not?

                      There was a time when you hardly endorsed any product but now, you endorse so many.

                      Well, it's only that I have time now and it's good money.

                      Once I start working on a film, I don't think about anything else but the film. After Jodhaa Akbar, I did not have to shoot for any film. I have four or five months in hand so I thought I might as well use them instead of sitting idle.

                      It seems you're very involved in the music of Krazzy 4.

                      Though I have done only a promotional song for the film, I'm involved in all the filmmaking aspects, be it recording or music-sitting or dialogue.

                      So who's done the best item number for the film -- Shah Rukh Khan, Rakhi or you?

                      I have not seen my song completely; the special effects are still being done. I think my song should be the best! (smiles)

                      Finally, tell us about your forthcoming film, Kites.

                      Anurag Basu will direct the film and we are aiming for a year-end release. Barbara Mori will be my heroine; she is from Latin America. I have seen her films and pictures; she is absolutely fantastic. Dad had gone to the US and signed her up. We are waiting to welcome her to our country.

                      "Mit euch macht Geld ausgeben Spass." (Siddhu, Frankfurt 18.4.09)

                      "Life laughs at you when you are unhappy and smiles at you when you are happy. But life salutes you when you make others happy." (Charlie Chaplin)

                      "Give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day." Samuel Goldwyn
                      Wir müssen einfach Vertrauen haben, dass der Meister weiß was er tut. Immer.


                        Welt online Artikel über Hrithik :
                        "I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." - Audrey Hepburn


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                          "Each day is one day closer to freedom."

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                            "Sanju - my strength in dark hours, my survival guide, my love." ~
                            "Each day is one day closer to freedom."

                            Antaheen (8/10) - Son of Sardar (8/10) - Kahaani (8/10) - Eega (8/10) - Ek Tha Tiger (8/10)



                              Hrithik Promotes 'Kites' At Radio Mirchi