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Lions of the Sea (201x)

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    Lions of the Sea (201x)

    Lions of the Sea

    Produzenten: Salman Khan Films & First Take Entertainment

    Schauspieler: Irrfan Khan

    Salman Khan Films & First Take Entertainment announce "Lions of the Sea" a feature film based on the "Komagata Maru incident"

    TORONTO, No. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Salman Khan Films (SKF) and First Take Entertainment Ltd. (FTE) announced today they will jointly be producing "Lions of the Sea" a film based on a true story surrounding the voyage from India to Canada aboard the Komagata Maru. The incidents which surrounded the events of this journey have forever changed the immigration policies of Canada.
    Salman Khan Films (SKF) und First Take Entertainment Ltd. (FTE) gaben heute bekannt, dass sie gemeinsam "Lions of the Sea" produzieren, der Film beruht auf einer wahren Geschichte um die Reise von Indien nach Canada an Bord der Komagata Maru. Die Ereignisse um diese Reise haben die Einwanderungspolitik von Kanada für immer verändert.
    The film is set in 1914 and is a tragic and heart wrenching story of 376 Indian passengers who dared to embark on this journey seeking a life of opportunity and privilege. "Lions of the Sea" is a voyage that challenged the spying, duplicity, racism and hypocrisy of the largest Empire in the world.

    "SKF is delighted to join hands with First Take and participate in telling the story of the Komagata Maru incident. "Lions of the Sea" is a film based on a true incident which depicts heroism of all those who were on board and challenged the racial policies of the British Empire," says Salman Khan. "It is imperative to tell this story as it mirrors the current global refugee crisis. "Lions of the Sea" will allow us to embrace multiculturalism, diversity and bring humanity closer together," added Salman.
    "Lions of the Sea" ist ein Film, der auf einem wahren Ereignis basiert, das den Heldentum all derer darstellt, die an Bord waren und die Rassenpolitik des britischen Empire in Frage stellten ", sagt Salman Khan." Es ist unerlässlich diese Geschichte zu erzählen die, die aktuelle globale Flüchtlingskrise wiederspiegelt. "Lions of the Sea" ermöglicht uns Multikulturalismus, Vielfalt und Menschlichkeit näher zu bringen ".- ergänzt Salman
    The film will feature an ensemble cast of international talent, led by Irrfan Khan of Life of Pi, The Namesake and Inferno. "Just as cinema today transcends borders, "Lions of the Sea" is a story reflective of challenging barriers and breaking them, irrespective of differences in language and race," says Irrfan.
    "Lions of the Sea" ist eine Geschichte die Barrieren reflektiert und bricht, unabhängig von Unterschieden in Sprache und Rasse ". - sagt Irrfan
    "It's an honor to a partner with Salman and SKF once again to ensure this historic story which has challenged many racial laws in the western world is finally being told. The issues of racial acceptance and due processes are at the heart of the story and continue to be relevant in today's world. We were pleased and humbled that the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year recognized and apologized in the House of Commons for the unjust treatment committed against these migrants. We are excited to announce this production will commence in 2017 as we celebrate Canada, its diversity as well as its 150th anniversary. This film will be co-produced by Vinay Virmani and Pauline Dhillon," says Dr. Ajay Virmani of First Take Entertainment.

    This epic story is scheduled to film in India, U.K., Hong Kong and Canada. This is the first film to be announced and be produced under the India -Canada co-production treaty.

    About Salman Khan Films:

    Salman Khan Films is a production house founded in 2013 by Salman Khan. Based in Mumbai, India the production house develops and produces content for both India and global markets.

    About First Take Entertainment Ltd:

    First Take Entertainment is a Canadian based international film production house specializing in feature films.
    Information: Komagata Maru
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