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The Fault In Our Stars Remake (201x)

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    Rajeev Masand zum aktuellen Stand der Dinge:

    Art for Art’s Sake
    Despite what the tabloids may say, Finding Fanny director Homi Adajania’s The Fault In Our Stars’ Hindi remake isn’t still a ‘go’ project. Sure, the rights have been acquired by producer Dinesh Vijan, but apparently a cast hasn’t yet been locked, and a start date hasn’t been fixed. This, one learns, is because Homi, and his muse (and favourite leading lady) Deepika Padukone, don’t want to jump into the film till they’re entirely satisfied with the script.

    Deepika has reportedly said ‘yes’ to taking the role that Shailene Woodley played in the original, and while Varun Dhawan’s name has been tossed around for the male lead (the stars even did a look test together some weeks ago), Homi won’t go ahead and block the cast’s dates till the script isn’t in tip-top shape. Having recently lost his own sister to cancer, the film’s themes of loss and family and love are of particular significance to the director, but he’s clear that there’s room to adapt the original book in a way that feels more personal. What’s more, the team is believed to have agreed internally that they would rather abandon the project than do it in a way that doesn’t feel right to each of them.

    In a business where filmmakers and stars are more focused on the bottomline than the integrity of their work, more power to anyone who’s willing to invest the required time and money and effort to put out the best film possible!
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    The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try and take over the world *narf*


      Der Film kommt 2019 heraus und heißt Kizie Aur Manny:

      Sushant Singh Rajput
      Sanjana Sanghi
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        haaaaa ...danke Kadsoo
        Dann werde ich denn Thread hier wohl mal ins Nirvana verschieben da es mittlerweile zu besagtem "Kizie Aur Manny" einen eigenen Filmthread gibt.....
        25.10.2017 @ Avatar: kleiner Tapetenwechsel sprich für Prabhas übernehmen, auf unbestimmte Zeit Bolly´s Neuzugänge, Soham & Mimi .
        28.03.2018 @ Avatar: so, dann schauen wir mal wie lang
        Vikram mich durchs molo begleiten darf. ^^