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Shudhu Tomari Jonyo (2015)

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    Shudhu Tomari Jonyo (2015)

    (English: Only for You)

    - wikipedia / Trailer

    Remake des Tamil Films "Raja Rani" (2013) mit Arya und Nayantara.

    Die suche nach einer DVD verlief leider im Sande sprich ich konnte lediglich eine VCD ausfindig machen welche über induna bezogen werden kann !

    * * *


    Dev ... Adi Sen
    Srabanti Chatterjee ... Nayantara Sen
    Soham Chakraborty... Siraz Chowdhury
    Mimi Chakraborty ... Koli
    Biswanath Basu ... Chandan
    Sneha Chatterjee ... Sreetama
    Arindam Sil ... Nayantara's Vater
    Supriyo Dutta ... Siraz's Vater
    Kharaj Mukherjee ... Kangsho
    Kanchan Mullick ... Rohan
    Pallavi Chatterjee ... Nayantara's Tante
    Manasi Sinha ... Kangsho's Frau
    Nilanjan Dutta

    Directed: Birsa Dasgupta
    Produced: Srikant Mohta & Mahendra Soni
    Written: Atlee
    Music: Arindam Chatterjee

    Genre: Romantic Drama
    Running Time: 145 min

    Release: 16. Oktober 2015
    The film is going to have its world television premiere on Star Jalsha on 24 January 2016 at 12:00 PM IST.

    * * *



    * * *


    01. "Egiye de" - Arijit Singh & Madhubanti Bagchi
    02. "Jeno Tomari Kache" - Ash King & Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury
    03. "Emotional Saiyaan" - Arijit Singh, Shalmali Kholgade & Bob
    04. "Titel Track" - Arijit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal
    05. "Dekhte Bou Bou" - Ash King & Prashmita Paul
    06. "Egiye de" - Female Version - Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury
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    Shudhu Tomari Jonyo is a tale of love with a twist!
    xx.xx.2015 by Ruman Ganguly - TOI

    Shudhu Tomari Jonyo is a story of a couple -Adi (Dev) and Nayantara (Srabanti) -whose past haunt them and turn their married life into a living hell.

    While Adi finds it hard to reconcile with the death of his girlfriend and turns to alcohol, Nayantara is still nursing the wound inflicted by her lover, who deserts her on the day of their wedding. Slowly , the duo starts understanding each other's pain and decides to begin afresh. But falling in love again is a challenge both find hard to tackle. Birsa Dasgupta's film, Shudhu Tomari Jonyo , which also stars Soham and Mimi Chakraborty , is about the couple's quest for marital love. The film's cast spoke to us about their shooting experiences. And here's what they had to say:

    Dev : Birsa is a director who knows his job so well that half the work is done when he is behind the camera. Moreover, Soham, Mimi and Srabanti are such good actors that everyone challenged each other's limits.Story , look, music and direction-wise, this films stands out. I play Adi, a man with a past that haunts his present. It is a beautifully made love story that everyone in a family will enjoy .

    Soham : I play Siraj -a soft-spoken but intelligent guy based in north Bengal. He comes from a middle-class background and falls in love with Nayantara, but whether they unite or not is something I cannot disclose now. This is my second film with Birsada and he is the most technically sound director I've come across.I feel the script is the real hero in this film. This is my first film with Dev and we have acted in a really powerful scene. I must admit, he is a wonderful co-actor. Mimi and Srabanti, too, are very talented. The whole team has put in a lot of effort to make the film entertaining and hopefully , it will be loved by all.

    Srabanti : I have two looks in the film -Nayantara of the past and of the present. So look-wise, acting-wise, I had to be different. It's a commercial love story that has been treated very differently by Birsada. The story is the main thrust of the film. And it's always a pleasure working with Soham, who is one of my favourite actors. And both Dev and Mimi are dear friends, so working with them is less work and more fun.Moreover, all my Puja releases have been hits in the past, so I hope history will repeat itself this year.

    Mimi : I play Koli, a happy-go-lucky orphaned girl from north Kolkata, who falls in love with Adi. One has to watch the film to know whether they finally unite or destiny has something else in store for them. This is my second film with Birsada and he is the most chilled out director on the sets. Though he makes us work hard, when we see the results on screen, it seems all our effort was worth it. Dev is a superstar, but he is the most accommodative actor one can think of. I still remember I was doing an action scene in Rajarhat and Dev stayed back, though he was done with his shoot. The way he helped me in the action sequences is unbelievable. And for any actor, a Puja release means a lot. After all, that's the time when people go and watch films.
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      So, heute nun auch diesen Streifen gesichtet bei dem es sich nicht um eine 100%ige Kopie des Tamilen "Raja Rani" handelt. Review wird nachgereicht und ich lasse mal noch ein kleines Interview da....

      Mimi, Srabanti accuse director of giving preference to Dev
      xx.xx.2015 by Ruman Ganguly - TOI

      Mimi Chakraborty and Srabanti were too busy promoting Birsa Dasgupta's Shudhu Tomari Jonyo (STJ) to arrive on time for a table talk with CT. And their co star in the film, Soham, who had walked in early and was made to wait quite a while by the girls, decided to get even by interviewing the two. And what an interview it was! He grilled the girls, spewed venom at the director for calling Dev his trump card" in the film, and what not. And though the trump card" wasn't able to make it, as he was busy with another shoot, his three co-stars had quite a chatpata adda with us.


      Soham: In a recent interview to CT, our director Birsa Dasgupta said, STJ has Dev and that is my trump card". So, don't you feel left out? After all, all three of us had also put in a lot of effort to make the film...

      Srabanti: I've read the interview in print and on social media. The way Birsada is going ga ga over Dev makes me think, are we then mere props in this film?

      Mimi: I'm not talking to Birsada for this. I agree Dev is a superstar, but the three of us are also his cast members and have done justice to our characters. So, why this partiality?

      Srabanti: He did not mention our names even once, though we're giving so much into promoting the film. Soham, don't you feel bad?

      Soham: Of course I feel bad, but I didn't say anything to Birsada. After all, he is the captain of the ship.

      Srabanti: Oh, so that's the reason you're giving less time to promote STJ (laughs)?

      What makes a film successful big names, be it an actor or the director, or the story?

      Mimi: There are so many instances of films made by big directors with a superstar cast not working at the box office because the story is weak. So, that way , the script is what makes or breaks a film.

      Srabanti: Any big director, hero or heroine has no power to run a film, as ultimately , the audience has to relate to the story . So, only a good story and script can make a film work. The star cast comes second. In STJ, we just play characters; the story is the main superstar. Moreover, the music is already a rage.

      Mimi: STJ has a lovely story . I hope Birsada reads this interview, or else we'll just send him the web link, as he does with everything related to his film.

      Srabanti: Bang on Mimi. Though it's a commercial romantic film, Birsada has given a new flavour to it. So, STJ should run because of its story. Say something about your characters in the film.

      Mimi: I play Koli, a happy-go-lucky orphan girl from north Kolkata. She meets Adi (Dev) and love blossoms between them.The film is all about whether their love reaches a logical end.

      Srabanti: I play Nayantara a character different from what I have played so far. It has two shades. In the past, I play a bubbly girl, but in the present, I'm a serious working lady with a lot of sadness inside.

      I'm tired of this answer my character is different. Hema Malini, too, had two shades in Seeta Aur Geeta. So, explain how Nayantara is different from the characters you have played so far?

      Srabanti: She played a double role. But in STJ, my character has two shades. If I disclose everything now, why will one go and watch the film? You are intolerable, Soham; you always argue with me. But I keep saying that you are my fave actor, as no one is on a par with you and I mean that. (Turns to CT) He plays Seeraj, a Muslim guy who lives in north Bengal. He's a topper in school and there's a love angle between his character and mine.But whether the love gets a new meaning is something I'll not tell you now. For that, one has to watch the film.Whenever I share the screen with Soham, I've to be doubly conscious, as he is a brilliant actor and I have to match up to him.

      Srabanti: Soham and Srabanti are like Tom and Jerry. Always fighting like cats and mice, but both are ardent fans of each other. When Srabanti was shooting with Soham in north Bengal, she asked him whether he was missing me.

      Soham: (Cuts in) I told Srabanti, yes, I do miss the 20 retakes which are bound to happen when I'm shooting with Mimi. (EDIT by me: Der war gut. ) Thank god, it's only two or three with Srabanti around (laughs out loud)!

      Mimi: (Shouts) How mean? I give 20 retakes? You're such a liar. Ask Birsada!

      Srabanti: Mimi, why are you getting so irritated? Don't you know Soham can play pranks with a straight face?

      Mimi, are you aware that Birsda has said Srabanti is the finest commercial actress, while Mimi sparkles on the screen. So Srabanti, you don't have the power to ignite the screen like Mimi, and Mimi, you're not an actress on a par with Srabanti...

      Srabanti: Soham, you can't create a rift between Mimi and me. I feel she's got a style that sets her apart from the crowd. She literally brightens up the screen.

      Mimi: Birsada has the liberty to say whatever he wants. And there's no harm in admitting that Srabanti is one of the best actresses we have in Tollywood.

      Was the director strict on set with you two? Was he partial towards Dev?

      Mimi: Why , are you not a part of STJ? You answer the question. Birsada makes you work hard, but ultimately , when you see the results, you feel it's worth the effort. And I share this lovely equation with him; I know what he wants from me in a scene through mere eye contact.

      Srabanti: (Looks at Mimi) You know, I heard Soham telling someone that Birsada takes 100 takes for one shot! How can he talk like that about our director? Shame on you, Soham. Yes, at times Birsada was little partial towards Dev (laughs), but at the same time, he praised my work, so I prefer to ignore the rest.

      Mimi & Srabanti: Tu mera heart beat hain, tu superduper hit hain... this is Birsada's song for Dev!

      How was the shoot at Turkey, as the director didn't bother to take me there?

      Srabanti: Dev ke niea gechilo kintu! The shooting was wonderful and the DoP made us look so good in the songs!

      Mimi: It's ultimately the director's call. How can we comment on that? Yes, we partied a lot there.

      Do you feel Dev is hogging all the limelight, thanks to the director?

      Mimi: Directors can have their personal faves. But I feel the story and the way STJ has been made will do the talking in the end.

      Srabanti: And I can bet Soham will hog all the limelight in some scenes!

      Thank you, but I heard that you two are giving more preference to Katmundu, as it's a Raj Chakrabarty film?

      Srabanti: Narod Soham Chakraborty is your new name. Both Katmundu and STJ are close to my heart and I'm giving equal preference to both.

      Mimi: To me, both films are two sides of the same coin. Period. And I will not watch any film other than these two during Durga Puja, as I need to relax. I've been working too much in the past few months. I'll watch all the other three films after Puja.

      Srabanti: Right you are, Mimi. Puja is purely family time. Let Bangla films rule this Puja.
      25.10.2017 @ Avatar: kleiner Tapetenwechsel sprich für Prabhas übernehmen, auf unbestimmte Zeit Bolly´s Neuzugänge, Soham & Mimi .
      28.03.2018 @ Avatar: so, dann schauen wir mal wie lang
      Vikram mich durchs molo begleiten darf. ^^
      11.12.2019: verabschiede mich auf unbestimmte Zeit aus dem molo und sage bye bye !



        Wer "STJ" nicht gerade wegen einem der Darsteller ins Auge gefasst hat der sollte sich, meiner Meinung nach, an "Raja Rani" halten da das Gesamtpaket dort viel besser greift.
        Vorteil auch, das dieser Streifen auf DVD mit UTs verfügbar ist.

        Das Bengali Remake ist keinesfalls uninteressant zumal es sich nicht 1zu1 an das Original Drehbuch hält. Dennoch konnten mich die dortigen Darsteller, obgleich Haupt- oder Nebendarsteller, mehr für sich begeistern und wurden, wie ich finde, auch besser besetzt.

        So hat Srabanti ihre Sache durchaus gut gemacht hätte aber iwi besser den Part von Mimi, und umgekehrt, übernehmen sollen. Und das sage ich jetzt nicht nur weil ich Mimi gerne an Soham´s Seite gesehen hätte sondern weil ich das wirklich so empfinde sprich wer Nayantara & Nazriya Nazim im Original erleben durfte weis vielleicht was ich meine.

        Was diesen Dev angeht so hatte ich bereits im Vorfeld meine bedenken ob ich wohl mit ihm klar kommen würde und leider haben sich diese dann auch bewahrheitet. Det Bolly hat sich wirklich bemüht...ganz ehrlich.....aber ich kann mit diesem Hernn so rein gar nichts anfangen. Nichtsdestotrotz dachte ich bei nachfolgenden TOI Kommi dann aber doch so bei mir, "ähhhhm, gehts noch ?!"

        Romance being his forte, Dev clearly plays on home turf. He looks dapper, but the actor should have done something about his weight.
        Denn Kommentar hätte ich dann schon eher bei Soham erwartet da das Kerlchen anno 2015/2016 augenscheinlich sein Höchstgewicht erreicht haben dürfte. Trotz der "übesrschüssigen" Pfunde kommt er knuffig wie eh und je daher und ich kam voll auf meine Kosten. Gegen Ende durfte ich dann nochmal lachen da er sich, nachweislich, bereits im "Black" Modus befunden haben dürfte.
        25.10.2017 @ Avatar: kleiner Tapetenwechsel sprich für Prabhas übernehmen, auf unbestimmte Zeit Bolly´s Neuzugänge, Soham & Mimi .
        28.03.2018 @ Avatar: so, dann schauen wir mal wie lang
        Vikram mich durchs molo begleiten darf. ^^
        11.12.2019: verabschiede mich auf unbestimmte Zeit aus dem molo und sage bye bye !